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The Balance 30 Pro can handle all your networking needs. With the PoE activation kit, its four PoE LAN ports can connect and power your payment terminal, IP phones, Wi-Fi hotspots. The Balance 30 Pro has one cellular and two Ethernet connections, ensuring that your network and business will keep running no matter what.





  • SD-WAN With Dual Wired Ports and LTE The Balance 30 Pro supports two wired connections and one LTE with SD-WAN capabilities for traffic steering, load sharing and failover, powering your critical business continuity.
  • SpeedFusion Hot Failover, Great for VoIP Balance 30 Pro automatically re-establishes your SpeedFusion connection on lower priority link when your primary WAN fails. Your VPN stays up, and you stay seamlessly connected.
  • Redundant SIM Slots for Multiple Carriers Redundant SIM slots with automatic switching for reliable network. You can set the Balance 30 Pro to automatically switch SIM cards when you’re in danger of data overage, or aggregate capacity of multiple SIM data plans.
  • 4-port PoE-Enabled GE LAN Switch With the PoE activation kit, all LAN ports can support PoE output. That way, you can hook PoE powered devices such as IP Phones and additional Wi-Fi APs. Perfect for Branch Networking..
  • InControl: Zero-Touch Provisioning. InControl makes your network scalable. From any web browser, you could remotely push a wide range of settings to multiple devices in your network.
  • QoS enables you to assign different priority levels to different types of traffic. Minimize latency by giving high priority to VoIP traffic. Control data costs by limiting the speed of bandwidth-intensive applications.

Peplink Balance 30 Pro

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